Proximity-Induced Spin-Valley Polarization in Silicene or Germanene on F-Doped WS2

Phys. Rev. B 94, 205415 (2016)

Silicene and germanene are key materials for the field of valleytronics. However, interaction with the substrate, which is necessary to support the electronically active medium, becomes a major obstacle. In the present work, we propose a substrate (F-doped WS2) that avoids detrimental effects and at the same time induces the required valley polarization, so that no further steps are needed for this purpose. The behaviour is explained by proximity effects on silicene/germanene, as demonstrated by first-principles calculations. Broken inversion symmetry due to the presence of WS2 opens a substantial band gap in silicene/germanene. F doping of WS2 results in spin polarization, which, in conjunction with proximity-enhanced spin orbit coupling, creates sizable spin-valley polarization.